Electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation

…,H McRobbie, ARButler… - Cochrane database …, 2021 - cochranelibrary.com
Background Electronic cigarettes (ECs) are handheld electronic vaping devices which produce
an aerosol formed by heating an e‐liquid. Some people who smoke use ECs to stop or …

[HTML][HTML]Modelling the global competing risks of a potential interaction between injectable hormonal contraception and HIV risk

ARButler, JA Smith,CB Polis, S Gregson… - AIDS (London …, 2013 - ncbi.nlm.nih.gov
Hormonal contraceptives are the most widely used form of contraception in sub-Saharan
Africa with 12 million women using an injectable form (‘injectables’ or IHC),[1] and uptake of …

Heterosexual anal intercourse: a neglected risk factor for HIV?

…, BN Owen,M Pickles, ARButler… - American journal of …, 2013 - Wiley Online Library
Heterosexual anal intercourse confers a much greater risk of HIV transmission than vaginal
intercourse, yet its contribution to heterosexual HIV epidemics has been under researched. …

Prevalence and frequency of heterosexual anal intercourse among young people: a systematic review and meta-analysis

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We aim to assess if heterosexual anal intercourse (AI) is commonly practiced and how
frequently it is practiced by young people. We searched PubMed for articles published 1975 to …

[HTML][HTML]What proportion of female sex workers practise anal intercourse and how frequently? A systematic review and meta-analysis

…, J Elmes, A Harvey, Z Shubber, ARButler,RSilhol… - AIDS and Behavior, 2020 - Springer
HIV is more efficiently acquired during receptive anal intercourse (AI) compared to vaginal
intercourse (VI) and may contribute substantially to female sex workers’ (FSW) high HIV …

[HTML][HTML]Association between characteristics of behavioural weight loss programmes and weight change after programme end: systematic review and meta-analysis

J Hartmann-Boyce,A Theodoulou, JL Oke, ARButler…- bmj,2021 - bmj.com
Objective To determine if the characteristics of behavioural weight loss programmes influence
the rate of change in weight after the end of the programme. Design Systematic review …

Towards eradication of measles virus: global progress and strategy evaluation

DJ Nokes, JR Williams, ARButler- Veterinary microbiology, 1995 - Elsevier
Despite an increase in global measles vaccine coverage from under 20% in 1980 to around
80% in 1990, measles remains a major cause of morbidity and mortality world-wide. This …

[HTML][HTML]Could misreporting of condom use explain the observed association between injectable hormonal contraceptives and HIV acquisition risk?

JA Smith,RHeffron, ARButler, C Celum,JM Baeten… - Contraception, 2017 - Elsevier
Objective Some observational studies have suggested an association between the use of
hormonal contraceptives (HC) and HIV acquisition. One major concern is that differential …

The Cochrane review of electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation: remaining focused on the evidence

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Butler, Nicola Lindson, Chris Bullen, Annika Theodoulou, Rachna Begh, Hayden
McRobbie, Peter Hajek, Nancy Rigotti, Jamie Hartman-Boyce … Conflict of interest: AR …

Migration and the transmission of STIs

ARButler,TB Hallett- The New Public Health and STD/HIV Prevention, 2013 - Springer
Historically migration has been associated with the spread of ideas, artifacts, knowledge,
and, less favorably, disease. This last, dramatically witnessed with the importation in the …